How to make the sign in with Apple button

How to make the Sign in with Apple Button

I wrote this on 2/26/2022

Since Apple doesn't make it completely obvious how to compose their "Sign in with Apple" button I made a blog post for it. I am using NextJs 12, and Tailwind 3 to run this.

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How to Setup Sign in with Apple

I wrote this on 2/20/2022

I have a nextjs app with next-auth and you're coming along the ride of setting up Sign in with Apple oauth.

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How to type event handlers with Typescript

I wrote this on 4/11/2021

Have you been writing Typescript not in a framework like React, Vue, Next, Angular, et al? Did you add an event listener only to get an error because the event is implicitly any? Here are your answers for what to type it.

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How to have multiple YouTube video's embedded in a Bootstrap Carousel

I wrote this on 3/1/2021

A friend reached out to me for assistance with the JavaScript on this. I thought I would share the final code and how it works so that others could use it. I want a slideshow with multiple YouTube videos. When the user is on a slide that is showing a YouTube video the video should play and no other video should be playing. When the user is on a slide without a video then no video should be playing.

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Questions to answer when learning a new language

I wrote this on 2/19/2021

So, I've been teaching a friend JavaScript. During that I've been quizing him and it struck me that many of these questions are rather broad and could be applied to multiple languages. Having learned JavaScript, Switft, and PHP to, what I would consider, a proficient level I think I'm capable of making that determination.

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How to test Redux connected React components

I wrote this on 2/17/2021

Ugh, higher-order components. I'm not a fan, I've never been a fan but they exist. They're all up in our code bases and they need to be tested like everything else. Like video games I go for 100%. Sometimes that means odd tests to make sure that I get some random edge case because some else clause isn't covered in tests.

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Mocking Higher Order Components (HOC) and Context

I wrote this on 2/8/2021

My generic mocking code for Higher Order Components (HOC) and Context. I ran into this issue and I had resolved it before. Trying to find it a second time has told me I needed to write a blog entry for it.

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Apollo Query Mocking Basics

I wrote this on 12/14/2020

How to setup basic apollo graphql query mocking for your jest tests. Copy and paste ready.

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How to make a React Error Boundary with Typescript

I wrote this on 10/15/2020

I found this over here and I'm shamelessly copying it here for quick reference.

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How to paginate a Prisma Graphql query with typescript

I wrote this on 7/26/2020

How to paginate a thingy

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Migrating from CRA to Next

I wrote this on 6/19/2020

The hows whys and donts of switching.

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Getting Material-UI Class Names To Not Change For Snapshot Testing

I wrote this on 6/19/2020

It's an easy trick but one you'll be hard pressed to find. A colleague of mine is the one who actually found it. You can visit her here. I'm writing it here for my own sanity.

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How to Handle Authentication in React Applications

I wrote this on 9/22/2019

The concept for this I have straight up stolen from Kent C. Dodds' blog post on the same concept. Go here and read his post. Maybe attend a workshop he puts on, I would bet money it would be worth the cost.

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How to rename a destructed variable

I wrote this on 9/22/2019

How to rename a desctured variable.

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Resources I Use

I wrote this on 9/12/2019

Resources I use to get stuff done. Everything from other blogs, images, patters, icons.

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How to Require Child Props in React

I wrote this on 5/6/2019

You have a component and the child of that component needs to be one or more HTML elements. How do you properly set the prop types for this?

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How to Make a CSS Gradient

I wrote this on 4/30/2019

Various ways to make CSS gradients. Copy/Paste ready.

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How to Fill In CSS Grid with Auto-Fitting Content

I wrote this on 4/9/2019

The quick copy and paste CSS code for a repeated auto-fitting content.

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Why Not To Use WordPress

I wrote this on 4/9/2019

There are plenty of reasons people give to use WordPress, and by all means my opinion is just that. Also as with everything computer related "it depends". If you're stupid good with PHP then yeah you can get WordPress to do just about anything you want it to. This post isn't for you. This post is for everyone else. For those that don't know why many dislike WordPress (myself included).

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Remove All Your Local Git Branches

I wrote this on 2/19/2019

Clear up hard disk space by removing all your old git branches.