Kyle Front End Engineer.

I love working with JavaScript, Node, GraphQL, Typescript, and React. The whole JAMStack is my ... jam. I have made express node REST api backends, GraphQL services. Headless WordPress sites with custom plugins and custom post types. For a while I wrote custom PHP software. I have a couple of Swift for iOS tutorials on YouTube. I just love learning and making cool stuff. If you're making cool stuff and want me to help then get in touch.

I hate saying the standard things like ‘I‘m a hard worker’, and ‘I follow through and follow up on projects’. You can‘t know that from words alone, you can only know that from working with someone. People know that from working with me. I take pride in the code I deliver because that‘s who I am. I‘m not prideful about my code because ego kills growth and growth is what I want.

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How to make the sign in with Apple button

How to make the Sign in with Apple Button

I wrote this on 2/26/2022

Since Apple doesn't make it completely obvious how to compose their "Sign in with Apple" button I made a blog post for it. I am using NextJs 12, and Tailwind 3 to run this.

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How to Setup Sign in with Apple

I wrote this on 2/20/2022

I have a nextjs app with next-auth and you're coming along the ride of setting up Sign in with Apple oauth.

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How to type event handlers with Typescript

I wrote this on 4/11/2021

Have you been writing Typescript not in a framework like React, Vue, Next, Angular, et al? Did you add an event listener only to get an error because the event is implicitly any? Here are your answers for what to type it.

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